Saturday, March 1, 2014

Butcher Block Countertops, Part 2 (UPDATED!)

If you haven't read part 1 of the butcher block countertops, you might want to read all about it here first.

Done? Ok - let's move on!
This morning, the kitchen in the rental house looked like this:

Here is another where our wonderful friend was taking the sink out - so you can see that fabulous light fixture!

And now it looks like THIS!

Whoops! We measured wrong on the backsplash (also stained wood) and they were too short to cover up where the old ones were. We have to re-do those pieces! But other than that, install day went GREAT!

First, as you saw above, my husband and his friend took out the old countertops. Then the new butcher block started to go in!
While the boys were working on that, I was working on bathroom sink faucets and hallway light fixtures. As the day went on, we installed the new cabinet hardware, hung the new ceiling light fixture, and put up the lovely wine rack! I actually bought that wine rack for my husband when we were dating, but he moved in with me shortly thereafter and we never used it. It was previously chrome, so I took all of the metal parts off and spray painted them bronze to match the kitchen fixtures. I also spray painted and recovered those stools you saw above ($5 each thrift! Yes!). 
Here are a few more of the ALMOST finished kitchen:

I can't believe how DEEP that sink is! It's 10" and I swear it looks so much bigger than my double bowl sink, even though the outside dimensions are the same. It's wonderful and it really pulls the white cabinets into the countertops and ties them all together (I think, anyway!).  And the faucet is SUCH an improvement! I wanted something big and bold since you can see it from all angels from pretty much anywhere on the first floor. The guys said it was a pain to install, but I'm glad they figured it out. It's a stunner!

So now we must finish that backsplash, and then we can call it "good enough" and put her on the market!

UPDATE! We finished it a few days later and here it is!  (It was dark out so we couldn't get the best photos - but you get the idea!)

Like the new light fixture?

Want to see how they have held up? Check them out A YEAR LATER!