Friday, October 11, 2013

Master Bath Remodel, Part deux

If you've been following along with part 1 of the master bath remodel, you know that we're ready to tile the shower. When we bought our tile ($.69 a square foot, thank you very much!) we stupidly thought we could use the same 12x12 tiles on the floor of the shower that we did everywhere else. WRONG!  The floor of the shower is contoured so the water will drain properly, so you need small tiles there. Duh! We should have known this - big mistake on our part. So I had to track down some tile that matched our other tile, or at least close enough to make it work. Home Depot to the rescue!! But at almost $9 a square foot, it kind of blew the budget!

I became the tile master, laying tile like a mad woman! This went in fairly easily since the little tiles are in 12x12 sheets with mesh on the back. Hubs cut with the wet saw while I gopped on the mastic and set those babies in. Done in a day!

Next was the walls, which took WAY TOO LONG!  I wish I had taken more photos of this process, but really it's just sticking tiles to walls, so there isn't much to see.  After a long, long, LONG process, here she is!

Helloooooo beautiful!!

This is after the grout, too. Which also took too long. We used a light brown sanded grout for the porcelain tile, and a white unsanded grout for the accent tile. The unsanded white grout took two applications (which was highly disappointing!). 

Next we headed to Lowes to purchase the glass doors. We were lucky that a standard size door kit would fit in our opening, which made them not that expensive. We needed sliding doors since the room is so small, there really isn't room for a pivoting door (plus, they are cheaper!).  (I cannot say/write the word "pivot" without having Friends flashbacks!)

So in went the doors! We also put in the new brushed nickle fixtures.

And before you knew it (6 months later), she was done! (Sorry for the fish-eye - it's the only way I can get the small room in one shot!)

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