Friday, February 28, 2014

Photographing your projects (or whatever)

As you can tell from this blog, I am NOT a photographer! I probably could be if I put forth the effort, but when I'm working on a project the last thing I want to do is make sure the lighting is just right and set up a tripod! So all of the photos here are almost from my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy S4). Somewhere I have a Cannon digital camera that is a few years old, but my phone probably takes better photos at this point in technology! (Some of the OLD house photos are from 2004, so those are obviously not cell phone photos!)

I am probably the LAST person on earth to figure this out - but I just recently learned that the panoramic function on my phone takes amazing photos of the inside of a house!

I usually use it for things like this:
The Great Smoky Mountains - everyone oooohhh and aaaahhhhh with me!

But recently I learned that I can also use this function to better show a space INSIDE, as well.

While at our rental house, I took these photos. (Don't our tenants decorate beautifully?!)

Normal Photo:

Panoramic Photo:

Ok ok, so I missed getting that pretty tray ceiling in the panoramic photo, but you get the idea, right?  Here is another example in the living room:

Normal Photo:

Panoramic Photo:

What what?!?! I know, right?  Such a huge difference!

And one last not-nearly-as-dramatic photo of the upstairs bathroom:



Notice the weirdness at the top of the door? That happens if you don't keep your phone level! Oops! (And yes, I love her shower curtain, too!)  This is a very small space, but the panoramic function allows me to show all of it in one shot!

So anyway, how do you do this? Easy. Stand still and pivot!

Stand in one place - start at one wall, hold the phone level, and pivot around the room. Try it - it's amazing!

Those that are saying "well DUH, Gretchen!" right now..... well, I guess I'm just slower than some. ;)  We are getting ready to put the rental house on the market and you better believe the photos will be panoramic ones!! 

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