Thursday, February 20, 2014

The kitchen is done!

Done diggity done! (Can you tell I'm happy??)  Last we heard, I was still searching for the perfect gray paint for the kitchen re-remodel. I finally landed on "Coventry Gray" by Benjamin Moore and that one was a winner! I had Lowes mix it for me in their paint (Ben Moore is EXPENSIVE!!) and the final product is stunning!

I know you can't really see the new light in this pic, so let me show it to you:

I actually got two of them - one for each side of the space. I got them from Amazon, but they were part of the "warehouse deals" section and were both open box. No big deal for me and they were about 40% off the regular price! (If you haven't learned it yet, I am CHEAP and don't like to pay full price for ANYTHING!)

It's hard to believe how far this space has come since I bought this house almost 10 years ago. And it's hard to believe it took me THIS LONG to finally finish it! But it is D-O-N-E done!  Now what project is next???

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