Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Proof I can make stuff

I just started this blog. You don't know me from Adam (who IS Adam, anyway?) so I figured I'd prove to you that I actually do know how to make stuff, so hopefully you will come back for future tutorials and blogs! So here are some things I've made that I happen to have photos of on my computer:

Tablet case:

Yarn wreath. Anyone want it? Doesn't look right in my home....

Not the dog, the collar! ;)

I also made the little blue bird, but I forgot to take a picture of him before I gave him away. 

I was on a fondant kick for awhile.... (and not that great at it!)

Recovered some chairs (and a matching ottoman).

Some little purses as Christmas gifts

Slipcovers freakin' suck. I vowed never to do it again! (But I did....)

Christmas Decorations!

Mailbox! (Love my Silhouette Cameo!)

More cameo love - wine glasses! (I also glittered the stems.)

One Christmas I made a bunch of tote bags....

So there you have it. I can make things. Go me. ;)

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