Wednesday, March 6, 2013

World, meet me.

Hi. I'm Gretchen.  I'm a 30-something gal with a sweet husband of 4 years now (married in 2010) and no kids. I suppose we'll have some rugrats at some point, but I'm still not feeling that "tick tock" so who knows. Anyway, I work at a desk all day long and stare at a computer. Blah. Since this blog is about my DIY life, let's talk about how I got there....

I graduated college in 2001 and took a little detour in life by moving to Boston, MA. LOVED IT! Great party town - but not "home" for me. Far too expensive to live there. I wanted to own a home and since I'll never be a millionaire, that wasn't possible there. So in late 2003 I moved to Nashville, Tennessee and in late 2004 I bought my first house. I didn't think I'd be there for more than 5 years, but then the housing market went crashing down and going on 10 years later I'm still there.  The house is basically nothing like it was when I bought it..... and in this blog you will learn why!

I'm also a crafty gal. I can't draw or paint to save my life, but I can sew! I also recently invested in a Silhouette Cameo and now I want to stick vinyl cutouts to EVERYTHING in the house! ;) I DIY'ed everything in my wedding (perhaps a blog about that at some point? Sure, why not!) and will always look into doing something myself before I'll hire someone else to do it. I learn as I go - and most of the time things turn out ok. I'm pretty good at finding creative solutions to problems - like with my epileptic dog and his many troubles before he passed away in 2010. (I know - random tangent here, but at some point I'll blog about that, too, and you'll see how it fits in!)

So thanks for joining me. I'll try to make this as interesting and informative as possible. I'm going to be doing a lot of back story to start with, and since I can't go back and take pictures now, I'll just do my best with what I have. Going forward, I'll try to document things much better for you all!

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